Time waits for no man. This is simply known by everyone, but why is it that many lack the corresponding common practice to make this truth work in their favour? Consider a new – born baby. At birth, the child has nothing to his name, except baba and mama. All this little human has is his time, and he only would one day get to discover that every other thing he would receive / have in his life only would come in exchange for this precious commodity.

Many of us seek more of this treasure, while all we need is a better way of employing time as a good steward. There is nothing we can achieve without mastering the art of making our time work for us. We all need to be the pilot of this time while it flies. Believe me, before you say Jack, or the “O” in OBJ, the year is gone, and while you take an inventory, you find out you have achieved nothing! We are already in 2nd quarter of 2011. What can you say you have achieved this year? Are you just marking time or making the best of this wonderful treasure?

You will be shocked to know that many people live with no picture of where they are going or what lies ahead. Many exist merely with nothing to show forth for their existence. The only thing they know how to do best is to mark time. This is clearly seen in the way many manage their time. It is worth remembering that a week from now it will be a week from now and what becomes of you after then is determined by how you utilise your time right now. Whether you manage it well or not, either way, you will surely achieve a certain result. The only thing is that the result might not be what you expected.

You have to make a conscious effort to reduce some of time’s best enemies. Probably the strongest of those has just two initials – TV! Is your TV time cutting into your productive time? Take this little test. Take a time out now and estimate how many hours of TV you watched last week. Be honest with yourself. I believe you are surprised at what the result turned out to be. Thank God EPL is coming to an end now. So, you can begin to save some time going forward. You need to make a conscious effort to watch how you spend your time.

You have, no doubt, heard the phrase “the time value of money“.

a naira in your hand today is worth more than a naira in your hand a year from now.

Why? Because of what you can do with that naira over the next year. You can invest that naira in any business or even in an interest-bearing project and have N1.05 at the end of the year. If you decide to take your money in after a year, your opportunity cost (foregone investment) will be five kobo. Not to mention what inflation will have done to your purchasing power within the time frame under consideration.

Think about how many hours you are losing each time you engage in those irrelevant activities. Apply the same thought process to when you actually ARE working also “maximizing your time”. Decide what better use of your time is every time. By having this uppermost in your mind at all times, you can always decide what the best use of your time is. Time is money and money is time. So, spend them wisely.

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